How to Remove Date & Time Track Changes

By George Paraskeva

Correcting a document using "track changes" can be very useful when you are editing a document for someone else. But do they really need to know that you were up until 3 a.m. doing the corrections? You can turn off the date and time stamp, which also resets the reviewer's name to "Author."

Removing the Date/Time Stamp

Step 1

In Microsoft Office Word 2010, go to the Office button menu then click on 'Prepare.'

Step 2

Then click on 'Inspect Document'.

Step 3

After MS Word inspects the document, a results panel will appear.

Step 4

Click the button to remove all "Document Properties and Personal Information."

Step 5

Save the document. All track changes will have the dates and times removed and the reviewer name will also be changed to "Author."

Tips & Warnings

  • This process will not work if you're using "custom document" properties. These will also be removed by using the above process.