How to Save Word Documents Without Markups

By Alan Sembera

The tracking and commenting features in Microsoft Word 2013 are a great way to keep up with revisions to a document. When you're finished, however, you may want to get rid of the underlining, strikethroughs and comment balloons peppered throughout your document. To remove these markups from your final document, you must either accept or reject the changes and then delete any comments.

Step 1

Open your document and select the "Review" tab.

Step 2

Click the arrow beneath the "Accept" button in the Changes section of the ribbon, and then select "Accept All Changes." Word removes the markups and applies the most recent changes to the document. Alternatively, you can reject all the changes by clicking the arrow next to the "Reject" button and selecting "Reject All Changes."

Step 3

Click the arrow beneath "Delete" in the Comments section of the ribbon if the document contains comments you want to remove. Select "Delete All Comments" to remove the comments.

Step 4

Save the document under a new name if you want to avoid overwriting the original with the markup; otherwise, save the document as you would normally.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also review the changes one by one and then either accept or reject them individually. Click the "Next" button in the Changes group to begin the process, and then select either "Accept" or "Reject" for each tracked change.
  • To prevent Word from adding additional markups to your document, turn off the Track Changes feature. Click the "Tracking" button on the Review ribbon and then click "Track Changes" to toggle the feature off.
  • This instructions in this article can also be used in Microsoft Word 2010. The steps may vary with other versions of Word.