Can't Turn Off Track Changes in Word

By Paul Higgins

Learn how to permanently disable the Track Changes feature in your document, even when Word prevents you from doing so.

While Word normally lets you turn off the Track Changes feature by clicking its icon in the Ribbon, the program may prevent you from doing so if either you or a third party locked the feature with a password. Unlock Track Changes by clicking Lock Tracking and entering the password.

Step 1

Select the Review tab from the Ribbon. Click the bottom-half of the Track Changes icon to open a pop-up menu and select Lock Tracking.

Step 2

Enter the password and click OK.

Enter the password in the text field and click the OK button to turn off the Track Changes feature.


  • The password that locks the Track Changes feature is case-sensitive. Before typing it in the text field, check whether Caps Lock is disabled.
  • If a third party locked the feature, consider asking that person to either give you the password or send you a new copy of the document with the feature already unlocked.
  • If you locked the feature yourself and forgot the password, consider copying and pasting the contents of the document into a new Word file. Doing so, however, does not preserve previous versions of the document or any comments authors or editors may have added to the file.
  • Turning off the Track Changes feature does not remove tracked changes from the document. To remove tracked changes, review those changes and either accept or reject them.

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