How to Change Font Color for MS Word Tracking

By Nick Peers

If you turn on Word Tracking in Microsoft Word 2013, the software keeps track of the changes you make to the document. **Word allows you to change most aspects of the Track Changes feature, including the font color it uses for each element**. Using different colors can help you -- or someone who is reviewing the document -- better visualize the edits. **You can even prevent Word from tracking specific changes**.

Step 1

Open the document you want to edit in Word 2013 and switch to the **Review** tab. Click the small arrow in the lower-right corner of the **Tracking** group to display the Track Changes Options dialog.

Step 2

Click the **Advanced Options** button to open the Advanced Track Changes Options dialog.From the Track Changes Options dialog, you can hide specific changes -- **Insertions and Deletions** for example -- by unchecking the boxes in the Show section.

Step 3

Change the color of the various Track Changes features -- Markup, Moves, Table Cell Highlighting, Formatting and Balloons -- by selecting a different color from each **Color** drop-down box. If you select the **By Author** option, Word uses a different color for each user who edits the document.To disable some of the features, uncheck their boxes. For example, you can prevent Word 2013 from tracking moves and formatting changes.

Step 4

Change the formatting of some Track Changes elements -- change the way insertions or deletions are displayed throughout the document, for example -- by selecting different options from the appropriate drop-down boxes.

Step 5

Click **OK** to save and apply the new Track Changes settings and close the Advanced Track Changes Options window. Click **OK** in the Track Changes Options dialog to close it.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can change the username in Word if you want to change the color used by the Track Changes feature. The color is changed only if the "By Author" option is selected in the Advanced Track Changes Options window. To change the username, display the Track Changes Options dialog and click the "Change User Name" button. Change the username from the "User Name" field and the initials from the "Initials" field.
  • To see all changes in the document, select "All Markup" from the "Display for Review" drop-down box in the Tracking pane of the Review tab. Hide the changes by selecting "No Markup" from the same drop-down box.
  • To accept changes to the document, click "Accept" in the Changes group of the Review tab. Reject changes by clicking the "Reject and Move to Next" button in the Changes group.
  • You can't edit the colors assigned by Word to each reviewer, if you choose the "By Author" option from the "Color" drop-down box.