How to Disable the Acrobat Tracking Feature

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When you create Adobe Acrobat files, you have the option to track changes. This option tracks any edits to the file, allowing you to determine who made changes and when changes were made. If you are the only person with access to edit the files and you don't need this option, you can turn off the feature to reduce the file size.


Step 1

Right-click the Acrobat file you want to edit. Select "Open With." In the list of programs, double-click the standard Acrobat program. Your file opens along with loading the Acrobat editing software.

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Step 2

Click "File" and choose "Preferences." This opens a new configuration dialog window. Click the "Tracker" button in the "Categories" section.


Step 3

Remove the check mark next to each tracker option you want to remove. For example, remove the check mark next to "Automatically Check For New Comments And Form Data" to stop tracking comments and form changes.


Step 4

Click "OK" to save your changes. You can turn these options on and off as you need them.




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