How to Reset the Excel Document Password

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Excel 2010 is a type of spreadsheat software developed by Microsoft, allowing users to create detailed workbooks for records purposes and more. Users also have the option of protecting valuable Excel documents by adding a password. This can prevent intruders from viewing personal or private data. Users can also remove the password in case they decide to reopen the document for others to view. Additionally, they can change the password just in case someone discovers what it is.


Step 1

Open the worksheet that you wish to change or remove the password for. Enter the password when prompted.

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Step 2

Select the "File" menu to open a left-hand menu pane.

Step 3

Click "Info."


Step 4

Click "Encrypt Workbook" next to "Permissions." Another menu will show up.

Step 5

Choose "Encrypt with password." A password encryption window will appear and the other menus will close.



Step 6

Remove the password by clearing the "Password" field and selecting "OK." Modify the password by typing in a new one in the "Password" field, then selecting "OK."

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