How Should You Open a Zip File From Your Email?

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Open a zipped file to see what's inside of it.

A ZIP file is a file that has been compressed. A person might zip a photo, a large file, or a folder full of other files. It is easy to zip files, and it is also easy to open up files once they have been zipped. As long as you have the right program installed on your computer, the process to open up a ZIP file is a very simple one.


Step 1

Click on the name of the attachment or zipped file. If you have the right program installed, it will ask if you would like to unzip. Click "Yes" or "OK" if you are asked, and wait for the computer to unzip the file. Depending on your operating system, you might need to click on the name of the unzipped file to open it. If you do not have the right program, your computer will tell you it is unable to unzip the file because your zip program is missing.


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Step 2

Navigate to the WinZip download site if your computer told you it does not have the right program to unzip the file.

Step 3

Click on WinZip to download it and follow the on-screen instructions for the download. Once it has downloaded, click on the file to run and install it. It should install itself in a matter of seconds.


Step 4

Click once again on the zipped file and your new WinZip program will open it for you.




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