How to Access the BIOS on a ThinkCentre Computer

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Every manufacturer has its own way of getting into the BIOS. Most manufacturers, and Lenovo is one of them, will have several different ways to enter the BIOS, depending on the model of the computer and the model of BIOS being employed. Lenovo, previously IBM, produces a small business computer called the ThinkCentre. Accessing the BIOS on a ThinkCentre requires only a few simple steps.


Step 1

Turn on your computer. If the computer is already on, then reboot it.


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Step 2

Press the "F1" or "F2" key once the initial screen appears. The particular key press is dependent on the model of ThinkCentre computer. Different BIOSs and BIOS versions are used, so it depends on the model. If your model has a Phoenix BIOS and neither of the other keys worked, then try pressing the "Ctrl" and "Alt" and "Ins" keys simultaneously.



Step 3

Enter a password if required. The password window will only be present if you or someone else has gone into the computer and set the BIOS password.




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