How to Get Into BIOS on an Acer Laptop

By Ruri Ranbe

Your computer's BIOS screen can be incredibly useful when you need to make certain hardware or system configurations. How to access the BIOS on your laptop varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model. Even though Acer laptops are created by the same manufacturer, not all models access BIOS in the same manner. While accessing the BIOS setup screen in and of itself is not difficult--all you need to do is press a key--the difficulty is in figuring out which key to hit.

Step 1

Restart or power on the laptop.

Step 2

Hit the "Pause/Break" key the moment the Acer boot screen (not the OS start-up screen) appears. If the OS start-up screen appears before you can hit Pause/Break, you will need to restart the laptop.

Step 3

Press "F2" or "Del" to access the BIOS set-up screen. Depending on the age of your Acer laptop, you may need to instead press "Ctrl," "Alt" and "Esc" simultaneously to access BIOS.