How to Boot a Lenovo Thinkvantage PC into Safe Mode or when Thinkvantage Applications are Disabled

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The IBM Lenovo laptops feature a security technology that interacts with the Lenovo Thinkvantage applications on boot up. This feature can provide additional security and support features for your laptop. However, when you need to boot the laptop into Windows Safe Mode or when the Thinkvantage applications are damaged or disabled, the Thinkvantage security feature can prevent you from booting the laptop into normal operation or Safe Mode for troubleshooting purposes. This tutorial provides a workaround that will allow you to boot into Safe Mode or boot into normal operation even when the Thinkvantage software is damaged or disabled.


Things You'll Need

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Step 1

First, reboot your PC and then on the initial boot screen a message should display that instructs you to press a "key" in order to enter "Setup". This message refers to keys on your keyboard and the key you are instructed to press is usually Del, F2 ro F10.


Step 2

Press the key specified and and the display will be redirected to the Bios setup pages for the motherboard.

Step 3

Next, navigate through the Bios setup pages in order to find the Security Chip configuration and then disable the Security Chip feature. The navigation instructions are usually located either on the lower part of the page or on one of the sides of the page, and involve using the arrow keys, along with Tab, Home, End, Page Up and Page Down to move through pages and select changes.



Step 4

Now save the changes (usually by pressing F10 however or by navigating to the Save option in the menus).

Step 5

Reboot the laptop into normal operation and you should now be able to login without Thinkvantage related errors.


Tips & Warnings

  • Note that some PCs may allow a very short amount of time to press the "Setup" key, so you must press it quickly after the "Setup" message appears.



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