How to Add a Pink Ribbon Sticker to a Picture on Facebook

By Shawn Farner

The Pink Ribbon campaign is one designed to raise awareness for breast cancer. This campaign has crossed the digital divide onto social networks, where users can apply a pink ribbon to their profile picture on the social network to show support for breast cancer survivors and sufferers. If you want to get a pink ribbon on your Facebook profile picture to support breast cancer awareness, you can do so using a service called Twibbon.

Step 1

Visit the Twibbon website at

Step 2

Type "breast cancer" into the "Find a campaign" box at the top of the screen, then press "Enter."

Step 3

Click on the type of pink ribbon you'd like to add to your Facebook profile picture.

Step 4

Click the "Add to Facebook" tab, then click the "Login to Facebook" button.

Step 5

Sign in with your email address and password, then click the "Allow" button.

Step 6

Click the "Show my support now!" button. The pink ribbon will be added to your Facebook profile picture.

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