How to Get a Facebook Share Link on WordPress

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Customers who click the Share link help promote your posts.
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Facebook's Share link was one of the site's early methods for encouraging users to share content. The Share button opens a dialog box that lets users either send the link to friends through a Facebook message or post the link to their Facebook walls or timelines. Facebook now supports more advanced social plugins, such as the dedicated "Like" and "Send" buttons, but you can still use the Share link on pages such as your company's WordPress blog posts.


Step 1

Open your WordPress post. Click the "HTML" tab to open the HTML editor.

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Step 2

Type the following into the post's code:


Step 3

Replace "address" with the URL of the post. For example, if the post uses the URL "," change the code to:



Step 4

Click "Publish" to publish the post with the Facebook Share link.



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