How to Add an iFrame Code on Blogspot

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Liven up your blog by adding content with iFrames.

The BlogSpot – now called Blogger – blog service allows you to add content from external sites with iFrame HyperText Markup Language design code, using it to syndicate content such as video clips, advertising and interactive features.. To add an iFrame to your blog posts, use Blogger's post editor tool in HTML mode.


Step 1

Sign in to your Blogger account. Blogger opens on the default Dashboard page that displays a list of all your hosted blogs.

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Step 2

Click the "New Post" button under the name of the blog to which you want to add the iFrame code.


Step 3

Type the text for your blog post in the post editor input box and enter a headline in the "Title" field in the usual way.

Step 4

Click inside the text input field at the position at which you want to include the iFrame object. Click the "Edit HTML" tab above the post editor to switch to HTML mode.



Step 5

Paste the iFrame HTML code that you copied from the content provider into the input box. For example, if you're adding a YouTube video clip, you'll find the iFrame code for the clip by clicking Share > Embed under the video clip. The code snippet starts with "".

Step 6

Click "Publish Post" below the post editor to publish the post containing the iFrame to your blog.

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