How to Convert Embeded Code to Video

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Although you might already have an embed code, it does you no good unless you are able to convert it through the URL of the video you want to play. By embedding a video on your Web page, you are able to create a section of your page that visitors can view without needing to leave your site. This allows you to keep visitors on your page for longer periods of time.


Step 1

Log in to your Web server and open the HTML page on which you want to embed a video.

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Step 2

Click in the "" section of the page at the location where you want to embed the video.


Step 3

Insert the following code:

Step 4

Replace "" with the actual URL of the video you want to embed.



Step 5

Change "false" to "true" to automatically start the video when the page opens.

Step 6

Publish the page.

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