How to Put a YouTube Link in PowerPoint

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If you use PowerPoint to create presentations, you can choose to insert objects into your slides such as charts or hyperlinks. If you want use a YouTube video as part of your presentation, you can easily insert a hyperlink to the video. You must be connected to the Internet when giving your presentation in order to access the video, but after you insert the link you can simply click it during a presentation to share the video.


Step 1

Go to and copy the link you want to insert into PowerPoint.

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Step 2

Open the PowerPoint presentation that you want to insert a YouTube link into.

Step 3

Select the slide you want to add the link to and click the "Insert" tab from the toolbar at the top of the page.


Step 4

Click the "Hyperlink" button from the "Links" section of the "Insert" menu that opens.

Step 5

Select "Existing File or Web Page" under "Link To" in the box that opens.



Step 6

Right-click over the "Address" bar and select "Paste." Under "Text to display" type a name for the video or leave it blank if you want to display the entire link in the presentation.

Step 7

Click "OK." The YouTube link will appear on your PowerPoint slide.

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