How to Sign Out of YouTube

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Sign out of YouTube to keep your information secure.

Creating a YouTube account and signing in gives you the ability to upload videos, leave comments and create playlists. However, If you are worried about your privacy, you may not want others who use the computer to see what you have been doing on YouTube. To prevent others from accessing and using your account, sign out of your YouTube account before closing your browser.


Step 1

Open the browser you used to sign into YouTube and navigate to the YouTube homepage.

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Step 2

Locate your user name at the top of the page. When you are signed into YouTube, your user name is displayed along with a link to sign out.

Step 3

Click "Sign Out." YouTube will sign you out of the account and return to the YouTube homepage.


If you are signed into YouTube on multiple browsers, you must sign out of your account on each browser. For example, if you signed into YouTube using Internet Explorer and Firefox, signing of your account on Internet Explorer does not also sign you out of your account on Firefox.


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