How to Add Lyric Effects to a YouTube Video

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YouTube allows you to upload and share your digital videos with other people on the Internet. If you publish a music video, you might want to add lyrics to the video for clarification or translation purposes. You can use YouTube's built-in annotation tools to type lyrics directly to your YouTube video and configure the timing for when the lyric text effects will display.


Step 1

Log in to your YouTube account.

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Step 2

Click your user name in the top-right corner, and then click "Videos."

Step 3

Click the down arrow icon next to the video you want to edit, and then select "Annotations."


Step 4

Scroll the video timer to the point in the video where you would like to insert lyrics, and pause the video.

Step 5

Click "Add Annotation," and then select "Note." A text box will appear on your video.


Step 6

Click and drag on the text box to place it where you would like the lyrics to appear inside the video frame.

Step 7

Type the lyrics you would like to display on your video in the "Note" box. You can select a text size and color for your lyrics.



Step 8

Click and hold on the right side of the blue timer box in the video timeline, and drag it to the right to change the length of time you would like the lyrics to display. You can also type the exact times in the "Timing" beginning and ending text boxes. You might need to experiment with the timing before you get the settings correct.


Step 9

Click "Save" to save the lyric effect to your video. You can allow the video to play to preview the changes at any time.

Step 10

Repeat this process to add other lyrics to your video, and then click the "Publish" button to make the changes public on your YouTube video.

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