How to Add MIDI Files to EZdrummer

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Toontrack's EZdrummer drum software uses MIDI files to trigger drum samples from the program's library. Mixing and matching MIDI files lets you create your own custom grooves and drum tracks. EZdrummer comes with a collection of more than 8,000 MIDI files. If you want to move beyond these grooves, add MIDI files that you've created to EZdrummer. You can also download expansion MIDI packs from the Toontrack website.

Step 1

Launch EZdrummer. Click the question mark icon in the upper right corner of the EZdrummer window.


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Step 2

Click User MIDI Folder. EZdrummer opens the My MIDIfiles folder in Windows File Explorer.

Step 3

Use File Explorer to open the folder containing the MIDI files that you want to add to EZdrummer.

Step 4

Drag and drop the MIDI files into the My MIDIFiles window that EZdrummer opened. When Windows has finished moving the MIDI files, close both File Explorer windows and return to EZdrummer.



Step 5

Click the Open Grooves button in EZdrummer. Click My MIDIFiles, then click a MIDI file to load it into EZdrummer.



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