How to Add Movies to a Netflix Queue

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How to Add Movies to a Netflix Queue
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If you weren't around for the early years of Netflix, you might not know what people mean when they refer to their Netflix queue. Initially, if you saw a movie or TV show you wanted to watch, you added it to your queue, and the company sent you a DVD in the mail. The queue has become Netflix My List, and you can add a movie or TV show to it by clicking on the + sign in the bottom-right corner of a movie or show thumbnail.


About Netflix My List

The queue was a vital Netflix feature in the early years of the service. You added the names of DVDs you wanted to a list, and Netflix shipped items in the priority you ordered them. After you dropped the DVD you currently had in the mail, the next one on the list automatically shipped to you.

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However, as Netflix's DVD services evolved to the streaming service that's currently popular, what was once known as the queue became My List. When you use the online streaming service, the list keeps everything you want to watch in one place. If you're a DVD subscriber, the current My List feature works the same as the queue did a decade ago, with the next title on your list shipping as soon as you return your current one.


Accessing Netflix My List

You can go directly to your own Netflix list at When you're signed in, you see it at the top of the screen, usually under a drop-down menu titled Browse. If you regularly use My List, you see it toward the top of the many rows of recommendations that display whenever you're logged in to your account.

Adding items to your list is easy. On the website, hover over the show or movie you want to add and click on the + symbol. If you're on a Netflix-compatible device, select the item you want to add and choose either Add to My List or + My List.


Using My List for DVDs

Those who use Netflix for streaming find that the My List feature becomes far more important if they switch to the Netflix DVD plan. DVDs ship solely based on what you put on that list, so it's essential you pay close attention to the way you order your selections. Many movies and TV shows available through Netflix's DVD plan aren't part of the streaming service, making the DVD option especially appealing to cinephiles.

One of the biggest benefits of participating in the Netflix DVD plan is that you receive a notification when a movie ships to you. You can rearrange the list, moving an item all the way to the top of the Netflix queue from the bottom, if you choose.


Finding My List on TV

One of the reasons to use the Netflix My List feature is that it makes it easy for you to find shows you want to watch when you open Netflix on your TV. Unless you've mastered the voice remote, you may find it far simpler to input titles into the search bar on your computer or mobile device than on your TV. Then you can add the items to your My List and find them later.

Getting to your Netflix queue on your TV is easier than ever, thanks to the company's app redesign. A sidebar on the side of the screen invites you to search, go home and see new additions to the site, among other options. My List is among those. Go to that selection using your remote and choose it to see to the items you added.