How to Add Photos on Facebook

By Andrew Tennyson

Add photos to Facebook in two ways: by attaching them to a status update or by uploading them into an album.

Add a Photo to a Status Update

Step 1

Enter any text you want to include in your status update and then click the **Photo/Video** button.

Step 2

Click **Upload Photos/Video** and select the photo you want to upload to Facebook from your computer.

Step 3

Enter the names of friends you want to tag in the photo. This step is optional.

Step 4

Click the **+** sign to upload any other photos you want to include along with your status update.

Step 5

Set the audience for the post and then click the **Post** button to publish the post and photos.

Create an Album and Add Photos

Step 1

Click the **Photos** button on the main menu, and then click the **Create Album** button to create a new album.

Step 2

Enter a name for the photo album. You can also add a description for the album and select the location where the photos were taken.

Step 3

Click the **+** sign to select the photos you want to upload from your computer to the Facebook album. Hold down the **Ctrl** key to select multiple images at once. When you’re finished, set the audience for the photos and then click the **Post** button.

Tips & Warnings

  • Facebook lets you add up to 1,000 photos per album.
  • When you upload photos to the Facebook website, it sometimes downgrades their quality in order to speed up load times. To upload large, higher-quality photos to Facebook, click the "High-Res" check box when uploading a photo to an album.
  • You can post a photo to a friend’s Timeline just like you would your own. Enter your message in the text box at the top of your friend's Timeline and then click the “Photo/Video” link to choose the photos you want to post. However, unlike posting a photo to your own Timeline, your friend decides who is able to see the photos you upload.
  • To upload photos to an album using the official Facebook app for mobile devices, tap the “Photo” button at the top of your news feed. Select the photos you want to upload. Use the provided buttons to tag friends, add locations or select an existing album into which you want to add the photos. Touch the “Done” button and then tap “Post” to upload the selected photos.
  • How long it takes for photos to upload from a mobile device depends on the speed of your Internet connection. Connect your smartphone or tablet to a Wi-Fi network whenever possible to prevent unnecessary usage of your data plan.
  • When uploading photos from a mobile device, Facebook sometimes automatically enhances them. To disable this feature, tap the three-line menu in the top corner of the Facebook app. Select “Settings” if you’re on an iOS device or “App Settings” if you’re using the Android version of the Facebook app. Tap “Enhance photos automatically” to disable this feature.