How to Add Sticky Notes in Word

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Sticky Notes can help break up text in a Word document.
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Adding sticky notes to a Word document is a fairly simple process that can have an eye-catching effect in your document, make information stand out clearly and save time re-typing. To add a sticky into your document, you need to capture an image of the sticky and paste it in.


Creating a Sticky Note

To create a sticky note in Windows 8, just start typing "sticky notes" on the Start screen and click on the Sticky Notes icon when you see it. In Windows 7, click on Start, start typing "sticky notes" in the search box and click on the icon when it appears under Programs in the Search Results column.


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After the note appears, add text to it as you like. You can click on the plus sign in the top left corner to create a second one and change the sticky's color by right-clicking within the note (not in the title bar) and selecting one of the colors in the drop-down box. You can also resize the note using the grippy in the sticky's lower right corner.


Adding a Sticky Note to Word Document

After deciding where you want the sticky note to appear in your Word document, go to the note and click anywhere within it. Hold down the "Alt" key and press the "Print Screen" key, which is usually located in the top right of the keyboard. At the chosen insertion point in the Word document, right-click and select Paste from the context menu. Your note will appear as an image at that place in the document. If you want to change something in the note, you will need to delete the note in the Word document, make the changes in the original note and then repeat the copy-and-paste process.