How to Make Smiley Faces in Microsoft Word

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Come on, get happy, with Microsoft Word.

Add a little bit of cheer to your next word-processing task by creating smiley face images in your Microsoft Word documents. While Word may be something you use to compile letters on a screen for reports, newsletters, cards or labels, Word also has a few facial tricks to include a big grin in your materials.


Step 1

Open Word, which automatically defaults to a blank, white 8.5-by-11-inch page on the screen. To add smiley faces to an existing Word document, click the "File" and select "Open," then browse to the file. Double-click it and the document opens in a new Word window. Scroll to the area to add the smiley faces and press the "Enter" key on the keyboard to give yourself lines of space.


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Step 2

Click the "Insert" tab at the top of the screen and click the "Shapes" button on the toolbar below it. Select the smiley face shape from the "Basic Shapes" section. Click the Word document and drag the mouse to make the smiley face as large as desired.

Step 3

Hover your cursor over the "Shape Styles" section of the toolbar at the top of the screen and watch the smiley face change color. Click a color to commit the change to the smiley face.


Step 4

Type an emoticon, which is a smiley face made out of letters and numbers, by pressing the colon key, the dash key and the close parenthesis, which will look like this :-). If Word automatically forms a smiley face out of the emoticon, click the "Undo Autocorrect" option.


Step 5

Add an actual image of a smiley face from your picture collection. Click the "Insert" tab on the top of the screen and click the "Picture" button below it. Navigate to a picture of a smiley face on your computer or flash drive and double-click the graphic. The smiley face is added to the Word document.




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