How to Adjust the Earpiece Volume on a Verizon LG Phone

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You may find it necessary to adjust the earpiece volume on your Verizon LG cellphone from time to time. The volume of a call can vary from incoming caller to caller, so you may experience different volumes from different people. Adjusting the earpiece volume may also be necessary if you listen to music from your cellphone without earphones.


Step 1

Open phone and click the "Menu" button.

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Step 2

The center keypad above the numerical keys can click up, down, left and right. Click right until you see the "Settings & Tools" option.


Step 3

Click "Sounds Settings."

Step 4

Click "Earpiece Volume."


Step 5

Using the center keypad, click up to raise the volume, and click down to lower the volume.

Step 6

Click "Set."



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