How to Adjust the Speaker Volume Using the Computer Keybord

If you enjoy listening to music or watching videos on your computer, you may need to quickly adjust your volume. Typically, QWERTY computer keyboards come equipped with tools that control some operating system functions. The function keys located along the top of the keyboard provide a quick alternative for issuing commands. The function keys are labeled "F1" through "F12" and many keyboards provide an option to change your computer's volume with these keys. The location of your volume function keys differs depending on the manufacturer of your keyboard.


Step 1

Locate the volume function keys. The keys are located along the top of your keyboard. You will find keys for mute, increase and decrease volume. The actual location varies by manufacturer, however, the volume keys are typically located between "F3" and "F9."

Step 2

Locate your function shift key. The function shift key is labeled with the letters "Fn" and acts as a shift key to invoke the use of the numbered function keys. If you are using a desktop-style keyboard, you may not have an "Fn" key. If not, proceed to the next step.

Step 3

Adjust your speaker volume. Hold down the "Fn" key and press the function key that corresponds to your desired action. For example, if "F9" increases the volume, hold down the "Fn" key and press the "F9" key until the volume reaches a satisfactory level.