How to Blend Colors with MS Paint

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Paint won't blend colors as you would with a paint brush, but it can find the result of blending two colors.

Honestly speaking, Microsoft Paint is not considered a very powerful digital art application. Its primary functions are quickly cropping or resizing images, converting image formats and, of course, doodling. Paint has a relatively simple color selection tool to brighten up your doodles, but it does allow for user customization. By dragging your mouse around a large color palette, you can select custom colors and, with a bit of technique, you can even find blended colors.


Step 1

Click "Start" from the Windows desktop and type "Paint" in the search bar. Click "Enter" to launch the application.

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Step 2

Click "Edit Colors" in the Paint toolbar. Click a white square under "Custom Colors." You can now use the crosshair on the color palette to define your custom color.


Step 3

Click your mouse over the color palette and drag it around to select a color. Look at the bar next to the color palette to get a good view of the color you're highlighting.

Step 4

Position your mouse horizontally between two colors to find the result of blending them. If you want to find the blend of red and blue, place your cursor horizontally between the two colors and you'll find purple. Slide your cursor vertically to select the saturation of your color. The closer to the top of the palette you are, the more vibrant your color will be.



Step 5

Slide the arrow up and down the bar next to the color palette to find the brightness you like for your color. The top of the bar is white while the bottom is black. Click "Add to Custom Colors" when you have found the blend you like.




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