How to Block an E-Mail in Microsoft Outlook

By Nick Peers

Prevent specific people from sending you unwanted emails by adding their email addresses to the Blocked Senders list in Microsoft Outlook 2013. Outlook does not notify the sender when you add his email to the list. You can use the Blocked Senders list to get rid of spammers, too. The software moves all new emails originating from that email address to the Junk E-mail folder as soon as it receives them. You can move received emails to the Junk folder yourself and block the sender in the process and you can even block entire domains.

Step 1

Launch Microsoft Outlook 2013 and locate one of the emails sent by the person you wish to block. Right-click the email, select **Junk** and click **Block Sender** to block the sender immediately.

Step 2

Click the **OK** button when Outlook confirms that the sender of the message has been added to the Blocked Senders list and that the message has been moved to the Junk folder.

Step 3

If you can't find a message from the person you wish to block, **add his email address or domain** to the Blocked Senders list manually. Click the **Junk** button in the Delete group on the Home tab and select **Junk E-mail Options** from the menu to display the Junk E-mail Options dialog. Select the **Blocked Senders** tab to manage the blocked senders manually.

Step 4

Type the email address of the offender -- "" for example -- into the **Enter An E-mail Address** field and click the **OK** button to add it to the Blocked Senders list.To block an entire domain, blocking all its email addresses at once, type **** or just **** and click **OK**. For example, to block **, ** and **, type **** into the field and click **OK**.

Step 5

Remove an email address from the Blocked Senders list by selecting it and clicking the **Remove** button. The sender is unblocked when you click **Apply**.Back up the Blocked Senders list and never give spammers a chance to return. Click **Export to File** and save the list as a TXT file on your hard drive. To import the entire list into another copy of Outlook, click the **Import from File** button.

Step 6

Click **Apply** to apply the changes to the list and then click **OK** to close the Junk E-mail Options dialog. The changes are applied immediately and all email addresses are blocked; you don't need to restart Outlook.

Tips & Warnings

  • To display the Junk E-Mail Options dialog in Outlook 2007, click "Tools," select "Options" and then click the "Junk E-Mail" button in the Preferences tab.
  • The "Enter An E-mail Address" field cannot be blank. If you click "OK" and the field is blank, Outlook throws an error.
  • To empty the Junk E-mail folder, select it in Outlook, click "Clean Up" in the Delete group on the Home tab and select "Clean Up Folder" from the menu.
  • Remove an email from the Junk folder and restore it to the Inbox folder by selecting the message, clicking "Junk" and selecting "Not Junk" from the menu.
  • To add a sender to the Safe Senders list, select the email, click "Junk" and select "Never Block Sender" from the menu. Add the entire domain to the Safe Senders list by selecting the "Never Block Sender's Domain" option.
  • Legitimate senders may not be able to send you important emails if you accidentally block their domain. For example, adding the "@gmail" domain to the Blocked Senders list blocks all Gmail users.