How to Block an Email Address on Yahoo Email

By Nick Peers

Block up to 500 email addresses or domains in Yahoo Mail to prevent spammers or other people from sending you unsolicited or unwanted emails. Emails from people that are on the Blocked Addresses list are deleted before reaching your account. The owners of the blocked email addresses or domains are not notified when you block them. You can, of course, remove specific email addresses or domains from the Blocked Addresses list at any time.

Step 1

Log in to your Yahoo Mail account, mouse over the **gear-shaped icon** and select **Settings** from the menu to display the Settings dialog.

Step 2

Select the **Blocked Addresses** tab to view and manage the Blocked Addresses list.Type an email address into the **Add an Address** field and click the **Block** button to block it. To block an entire domain -- @sample.domain, for example -- type the domain into the **Add an Address** field and click **Block**.

Step 3

To unblock specific email addresses or domains, select them from the list and click the **Remove** button. To select several addresses and domains, hold **Ctrl** and click each item.Click **Save** to apply the changes and block or unblock the selected addresses and domains.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't block entire domains unless you are certain that all their email addresses are used for spam purposes.
  • The email addresses or domains are blocked or unblocked immediately after you click the "Save" button.
  • Email from blocked senders is not sent to the Spam or Trash folder. You can't check blocked emails later -- they are deleted automatically by Yahoo.
  • By blocking entire domains, you may block legitimate email addresses and prevent people from sending you important emails.