How to Know If Someone Read Your Email on AOL

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AOL Mail can tell you if the receiver has read or deleted your email.

AOL Mail lets you receive and send email and instant messages from any computer with an Internet connection. It includes a feature that lets you check the status of emails you have sent. Although this feature can tell you if someone with an AOL email address read your email, it can't tell you the status if your contact uses a different email provider.


Step 1

Navigate to the AOL Mail site, then log in. Select the "Sent" folder in the left column of your mailbox to view your sent emails.

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Step 2

Click the box beside the sent email you want to check.


Step 3

Click "Action" above the list of sent emails, then click "Show Message Status." The message's status will appear next to the email address on the dialog box that appears. Click "OK" to exit.





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