How to Retrieve Sent Email

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Sometimes, after sending an email, you may need to retrieve it for purposes such as sending it to someone you forgot to include in the original list of recipients or to print it. Fortunately, most email programs store every email you send within an archive in the program.


Step 1

Open the email program on your desktop. If you use a web-based email program such as Gmail or Hotmail, point your web browser to the email provider's website and log into it to access your email.

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Step 2

Choose the email account (if you have more than one) containing the sent messages you want to retrieve.

Step 3

Click on the folder for sent mail. This folder may have different names, so refer to your manual for the correct name.

Step 4

Choose the email you want to retrieve. You will then be able to review it, forward it to another recipient or print it.

Things You'll Need

  • Email account

  • Desktop or web-based email program


Consider printing emails that you consider important, so that you have a paper backup in case of a technical failure.


In most cases, it is impossible to take back an email that has been sent, so be certain you want to send it and that the correct recipients are in the "To" field before pressing "Send."