How to Remove Labels From Gmail

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Gmail labels make it easy to organize your email, but if you don't want them, you can easily get rid of them.
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Gmail's labels are the online alternative to the folders found in standalone email programs. While the emails are not literally stored separately, the labels make it possible to sort them as if they are. As helpful as labels are in keeping email organized, sometimes they're a nuisance. You can easily remove them on your Gmail page or through your Gmail settings.

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Access the Label Menu

On the left side of the Gmail page, hover your mouse over the label you want to remove and access the drop-down menu by clicking on the down arrow. In the menu, click on "Remove label" to delete the label from the list. This also removes the label from all messages that were associated with it.

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Gmail Settings

Alternately, you can edit and remove labels in your Gmail settings menu. Click on the gear button near the top right of your Gmail page, scroll down to "Settings," and click on "Labels." Find the appropriate label in the list and click "Remove."