How to Cancel a Disney Movie Club Membership

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The Disney Movie Club is a program that offers a wide selection of Disney movies, many at discounted prices. By joining the Disney Movie Club, members can receive exclusive offers and prices on Disney classics. They can also choose from a variety of other movies from Disney's production companies. After selecting several movies, members are able to easily cancel their membership in the Disney Movie Club, if desired, with the following steps.


Step 1

Review your membership agreement. The offer that you accepted when first signing up for the Disney Movie Club will indicate the number of movies that you must purchase at the regular Club price in order to fulfill your agreement. Most membership agreements require the purchase of five movies at the Club price.


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Step 2

Purchase the number of titles required by your membership agreement. These titles must be purchased at the regular Club price, which starts at $19.95 per DVD.

Step 3

Call a Disney Movie Club Cast member at 1-800-362-4587. Inform him that you would like to cancel your membership. A cast member will be available to assist you Monday through Friday between 9 am and 9 pm, Eastern time. It's best to be clear, concise and to the point. Be clear that cancellation is your final decision.


Step 4

Save your confirmation indicating that your membership has been canceled. After canceling your Disney Movie Club membership you will receive a letter in the mail confirming that your membership is no longer active.


Make sure to carefully review your contract before joining the Disney Movie Club to ensure that you will be able to fulfill your purchase agreement.


If you are unable to fulfill your purchase agreement, you will be charged for the price of the titles that you did not purchase.