How to Carry Over PowerPoint Bullets

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Keep the same formatting on slides by copying and pasting.

If you create a slide in PowerPoint with bullet points and you want to keep the same slide format, you can carry over the bullet points to other slides by using PowerPoint's copy-and-paste slides feature. When you copy and paste, the new slides will keep all the formatting of the original slide, including the bullet points you want to carry over.


Step 1

Go to the slide with the bullet points you want to carry over.

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Step 2

Click "View," then click "Normal."

Step 3

Click the "Slides" tab.

Step 4

Right-click on the slide in the "Slides" view, then click "Edit" and mouse down to "Copy," or press "Ctrl" and "C" simultaneously on the keyboard.


Step 5

Right-click an open spot in the "Slides" view and select "Keep Source Formatting" under "Paste Options."

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