How to Change Sides in Counter-Strike Console Command

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"Counter-Strike," a "Half-Life" computer game mod, is an online-based tactical warfare shooter game where you can choose sides such as Terrorists or Counter Terrorists at the beginning of the game. Changing teams in the middle of the game requires a different key command during gameplay to not have to restart the server over again in order to join a different team.


Step 1

Press "M" once you die. Dying in a round lets you revert back to a "Watching" screen where you just observe the game and can do console commands and other things. Pressing "M" will bring up a small pop-up window in the game.

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Step 2

Click on the "Change Team" on the pop up window that is brought up before you. Here you can click on the option for "Terrorist," "Counter Terrorist" or "Auto-Assign." You will then be spawned into the team of your choice in the next round of play.



Step 3

Hit "Esc" if you do not switch teams for the next round. In the "Esc" menu you can change sides by repeating the same step only through the actual out of game menu. This will ensure you change teams the next time you die.



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