How to Switch the Sony Bravia to Game Mode

By William Pullman

Sony Bravia televisions come with several different picture settings that you can adjust to better accommodate the type of programming you are watching. Among the settings is a game mode which cuts down some of the picture processing to keep up with video games that have fast frame rates. The method for turning on game mode depends on the Bravia model you own. You can tell the difference by the buttons on your remote control and the options in your television's settings.

Remote Controls with "Scene" Button

Step 1

Turn on the television by pressing the "Power" button on the remote control or the television.

Step 2

Press the "Scene" button to access the different picture options.

Step 3

Push the down arrow button until "Game" is highlighted, and then press the + button in the middle of the arrow buttons.

Remote Controls With No "Scene" Button

Step 1

Press the "Home" or "Menu" button, depending on the model of Sony Bravia television you own.

Step 2

Push the down arrow button until you select "Settings," which has the symbol of a toolbox next to it ,and then press the + button.

Step 3

Press the down arrow button to highlight "Setup" and press the + button. If your menu uses icons instead of text options, press the down arrow button until the picture icon, which is a cube surrounded by a rectangle with a wrench next to it, is highlighted. Press the + button.

Step 4

Highlight "Game" using the down arrow button and press the right arrow button to switch the setting to "ON."

Step 5

Push the "Home" or "Menu" button to save your settings and exit the menu.