How to Change the Creation Date on a Word Document

By Caroline Jackson

Any time you create or modify a file, your computer stamps an electronic date on it. Right-clicking a file and selecting "Properties" will reveal these dates. This is a handy function for organizing your files and folders, and you can manipulate it to give your Microsoft Word documents the creation date of your choice.

Step 1

Open the "Date and Time Properties" window by double-clicking the clock in your task bar. Alternatively, open the "Control Panel" and double-click "Date and Time."

Step 2

Change the month, the year or both. Use the desired creation date for your Word document.

Step 3

Click "OK."

Step 4

Open your document in Word.

Step 5

Click the Windows icon button in the top, left corner of the screen. Place the cursor over "Save As" and select a file type. This opens the "Save As" dialog box. Alternatively, press F12.

Step 6

Choose a new location for your file but keep the same file name.

Step 7

Click "Save." Your document will have a creation date that matches the date on your computer.

Step 8

Open the "Date and Time Properties" window and correct the date.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be sure to log in as an administrator before attempting to change the date on your computer.