How to Edit Email Attachments

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An email attachment is placed in a temporary folder by default when you open and save the file. Any edits you make are saved to the file in that location. If you try to re-open the attachment (after you've closed the edited document and email application), the changes are not displayed. This happens because the original attachment re-opens instead of the version you've modified. Saving email attachments to a different location instead of the default folder can save you time and aggravation.


Step 1

Open the email message containing the attachment you want to edit.

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Step 2

Select "File" and "Save Attachments" from the toolbar, or click on the attachment and select "Save Attachments" from the list of choices. A "Save" or "Save As" dialog box appears on your page.


Step 3

Click the "Browse" button in the dialog box.

Step 4

Navigate to your Desktop or the folder where you want to save the file. Enter a filename and click "Save."

Step 5

Re-open the file from your Desktop, or from the folder containing the file, so you can edit the document.



Step 6

Highlight any text you wish to remove from the page and press the "Delete" key. Place the insertion point where you want additions to go. Then insert your text or content changes. Select any text you want to format and choose your preferred font, style or text size.

Step 7

Select "File" and "Save As" from the toolbar. Check that you're saving the changes to your Desktop or the correct folder. Then click "Save."

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