How to Save a Web Page to a Folder

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If you have a page that contains information that is important to you, or one that you really like for whatever reason, downloading and saving the page as a file is a simple process that allows you to view the page with or without an Internet connection. This convenience also allows you to move the file from one computer to another if you want. With these guidelines, see how easy it is to save a webpage to a folder on your computer.


Step 1

Launch your Web browser and navigate to the Web page you want to save by typing its URL address and clicking "Go."

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Step 2

When you get to the page you want to save, from the "File" menu on your Web browser, click "Save as" to launch the file-saving tool.


Step 3

Click the down arrow next to the "Save in" window and click the folder you want to save the Web page to.

Step 4

Type the name you want to use to save the Web page and click the format you want to use in the "Save as type" window. Click "Text" if you want to save the Web page without images. Select "Web Page Complete" if you want to save the Web page as it is.


Step 5

Click "Save." The file saving tool will download the Web page and save it to the folder you selected.

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