How to Change the Display on a Samsung Television

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The "display mode" on a Samsung television refers to the specific way in which your television is displaying an image. All Samsung televisions come with a variety of different display modes that you can choose from to meet your personal preferences. This is because TV shows are broadcast in multiple aspect ratios, and not everyone may enjoy the default settings. To change these display modes on your Samsung TV, all you need to do is push a button.


Step 1

Turn on your Samsung television set (if it is not already on).

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Step 2

Press the "MODE" button on your Samsung television set's remote control. This will bring up a "status" indicator on screen telling you which display mode you currently have selected. If you've never changed your display mode before, it will be set to "Auto" by default. Continue to press the "Mode" button to change from one display mode to another.


Step 3

Select "16:9" mode if you're watching high-definition stations.

Step 4

Select "Zoom1" if you're watching a 4:3 (or "full screen") program or movie but want it to fill your entire screen. Parts of the image will be cropped to meet this request.


Step 5

Select "Zoom2" to zoom in on a full screen image farther than the "Zoom1" setting does.


Step 6

Select "4:3" if you're watching standard-definition programming.


Step 7

Select "Wide Fit" if you're watching a full-screen program but don't want to crop any of the image. This will take the image and stretch it horizontally, making images appear wider and shorter than they should be.

Step 8

Press the "Exit" button on your Samsung TV's remote control to exit out of the on-screen status indicator and watch programming using the display mode you've chosen.



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