How to Change Wireless Settings

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A wireless router

A wireless network can be a great way to share an Internet connection with several computers and devices in a localized area. Wireless networks are created with a wireless gateway, such as a wireless router, that other computers connect to using wireless adapter cards. After creating a wireless network, you may wish to log into your router's administrative panel to alter your wireless settings. This can help optimize performance and secure your wireless connection.


Change Router Settings

Step 1

Connect to the Internet using your wireless router and then click "Start," "Run," type "command," and click "OK."

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Step 2

Type "ipconfig" into the command prompt and press "Enter."


Step 3

Record the number listed as your default gateway. It will likely be something similar to or

Step 4

Open a Web browser and type the number you recorded in step 3 into the address bar and press "Enter." A log-on prompt will appear.


Step 5

Enter your network's user name and password and then click "OK" or press "Enter." If you have never set up a user name or password, these may be set to factory defaults; consult your router manual to find the default name and password. (Admin for user name and password for password are common defaults). This will log you into your routers administrative panel, where you can make changes to your wireless settings.


Step 6

Alter the options in the router's menus as necessary and select "Save Changes" when you are done. Each router will have different menus and different settings options though common options include firewall settings, security and password settings.

Things You'll Need

  • Wireless adapter card

  • Wireless router

  • Router manual


If you alter settings in your router's administrative panel, you may wish to note the original settings before you make any changes so that you can revert back to your old settings in case the changes cause problems.