How to Check for an Adobe Flash Player Update

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Adobe Flash is released on different computer architectures and has had numerous version releases. Adobe maintains a running list of updates that let you know if a new version of the software is available for your operating system. Updating to the latest version of the software is important to keep your system compatible with the latest websites and to receive the newest security fixes and feature releases.


Step 1

Visit the "About" page of the Flash section of the website.

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Step 2

Note your version of the Flash software, which is listed to the right of the page's introductory paragraph. For example, your version may say "You have version 10,2,159,1 installed."

Step 3

Compare your version with the list of player versions in the table at the bottom of the site. If a greater version number than yours is listed for your operating system, an update is available.


Step 4

Click the "Player Download Center" link above the list of versions if an update is required. Follow the customized installation instructions for your browser and operating system.


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