How to Check the Ink Level of a Canon Inkjet Printer

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How to Check the Ink Level of a Canon Inkjet Printer. The Canon Photo Inkject printer is simply user friendly, which makes printing digital photos at home easy with the use of the easy-photoprint software. With its four color options and laser features, printing text and documents done in colorful Web pages can be fun. The main key to its impressive speed and high photo quality is its Canon Full-photolitography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE) advanced print head technology. It uses a multi-nozzle print engine that ejects consistent and microscopic ink droplets. Have convenient USB connectivity and PC and MAC compatible.


Step 1

Click "Start." From the start menu choose programs.

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Step 2

Click "Programs." Then choose "BJ Printer," then "BJ Printer Monitor." The Canon BJ Printer Monitor window will appear.


Step 3

Click on the Canon icon. This will take you to the printer info menu.

Step 4

Click "Start Status Monitor" from the Printer Info Menu. The Canon Start Status window will appear.

Step 5

Click the "Ink Information" Tab to view the levels of ink in each tank in the printer.


If your printed output appears faded, streaked or scratchy, the printheads may need to be cleaned. Printheads are sometimes clogged and need to be cleaned. If printout and color image appear different, check that the printer driver settings were not altered. A message will automatically appear in the print monitor reminding you to replace the ink tank levels the moment an ink tank level is low. The Print Monitor can display ink levels when they are running low if you have enabled background print background printing in the "Choose" Option. See the Reference Guide on the Set Up Software and Reference Guide CD-ROM for information about this feature.


Printhead cleaning consumes ink. Please avoid unnecessary cleaning.