How to Clean HP Printer Rollers

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You need to know how to clean HP printer rollers to keep your printer in good working order. Proper cleaning of the printer and the rollers will help the printer function correctly every time you use it. If the printer is not picking up the paper or the paper gets stuck in the rollers, it is time for a cleaning. Cleaning the rollers is simple when you follow these easy-to-understand steps.


Step 1

Remove the power cord from the electrical outlet. Open the printer cover and expose the printer rollers.


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Step 2

Remove the paper from the "in" tray and any paper you may have in the "out" tray.


Step 3

Hold the wet cloth against the first roller with one hand and use the other hand to manually turn the roller.


Step 4

Replace the paper in the in tray. Plug the printer in and print a test page. The rollers should take the paper from the in tray. If not, repeat the process in Step 3 to make sure you remove all of the dirt.