How to Transfer Ink From One Print Cartridge to Another for HP Printers

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Hewlett-Packard inkjet printers use both color and black ink cartridges. When the ink runs low, the cartridges must be replaced or refilled in order to keep printing. Refilling the ink cartridges is a more cost-effective alternative to buying new cartridges when the ink runs low. If you have a cartridge you are no longer using, you can extract the ink and place it into another HP cartridge of the same type.


Step 1

Place the HP ink cartridges on a paper towl to absorb any spilled ink.

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Step 2

Position the cartridge that contains the ink to be extracted so the label is facing up. Peel the label off the top of the cartridge to expose the refill holes.


Step 3

Insert the syringe needle into the refill hole. Pull the plunger back to extract the ink.

Step 4

Peel the label off the top of the cartridge to be refilled. Insert the syringe into the refill hole. Slowly inject the ink.



Step 5

Repeat the process of extracting ink and placing it into the new cartridge until the ink is transferred.

Step 6

Insert the filled cartridge into the HP printer. Wait eight hours before printing to give the ink time to saturate the sponge at the base of the cartridge.



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