How to Reset a Canon MX310

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The Canon MX310 is an all-in-one office printer capable of printing, faxing, scanning and copying. Like most Canon printers, the MX310 has an ink cartridge monitoring system to estimate the amount of ink left in the cartridges. If you purchase refurbished ink cartridges, or if you have your ink cartridges refilled, you may receive "Low Ink" error messages even when you have sufficient ink to print. You can reset the Canon MX310 to clear the old ink level memory so the printer properly recognizes the replacement cartridges.


Step 1

Switch the Canon MX310 off using the "Power" button, then push the "Stop/Reset" button on the control panel. Hold the button down for about five seconds.

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Step 2

Push the "Power" button while holding "Stop/Reset." Hold down both buttons for five seconds.


Step 3

Release "Stop/Reset" while holding down the "Power" button.

Step 4

Push "Stop/Reset" twice while continuing to hold the "Power" button. Release the "Power" button. The power light will turn green.


Step 5

Once the light is steady green, push "Stop/Reset." Wait about three seconds and push it again. Wait three more seconds and push it one final time, for a total of three times. The power light will turn orange.


Step 6

Push the "Power" button, then lift the MX310 cover open.


Step 7

Remove both ink cartridges and wait 10 seconds. Replace the cartridges and close the MX310 cover. Wait 30 seconds.

Step 8

Push the "Power" button. Wait a few seconds to allow the printer to fully power down, then switch the Canon MX310 back on using the "Power" button.

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