How to Reset Canon Printers

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Canon printers come with built-in indicators that detect the ink level in Canon ink cartridges and stop the printer from operating when the ink level reaches a critical level. In some circumstances, your Canon printer may fail to properly reset when you change a cartridge. This usually happens if you refill a printer cartridge, instead of replacing the empty cartridge with a new cartridge. If your Canon printer fails to reset when a cartridge is installed, you can manually reset it.


Step 1

Hold down the "Resume" button on your Canon printer for one to two minutes, and then release the button. In some instances, this may reset the printer automatically.

Step 2

Unplug the power cable from the back of the Canon printer if the printer did not reset when you held down the "Resume" button. Hold the power button down and plug the power cable back into the Canon printer. Do not release the power button.

Step 3

Press the "Resume" button on the Canon printer two times and release the Canon's power button. The Canon printer resets to the factory settings and the ink level should appear full.