How to Reset a Pixma MP250 Cartridge

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Using refill kits can save a lot of money versus buying new printer ink cartridges.

A Canon Pixma MP250 printer will stop recognizing the ink cartridge if the cartridge's expiration date has passed. This is true even if there's still usable ink left in the cartridge. Resetting the printer will solve this problem by turning back the date associated with the expiration of the cartridge. Performing a reset of the printer will also remedy other problems, such as the printer not recognizing an ink cartridge you may have refilled or error messages saying the ink cartridge isn't installed properly.


Step 1

Press the power button to turn off the printer.

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Step 2

Hold the "Stop/Reset" button while pushing the power button. While still holding down the power button, release the "Stop/Reset" button and then push it twice in a row.


Step 3

Wait approximately 20 to 30 seconds until the LED shows 0.

Step 4

Push the "Stop/Reset" button four times in a row.

Step 5

Push the power button twice.


Step 6

Turn off the printer by pushing the power button one more time. The printer is now reset. Next comes resetting the counter on the cartridge.


Step 7

Unplug the power and the USB cables from the printer.


Step 8

Open the cartridge door and hold down the power button.

Step 9

Reconnect the power cables while still holding down the power button.

Step 10

Close the cartridge door and release the power button. The ink cartridge is now reset.

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