How to Clear Your Cache in Internet Explorer 11

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Although Internet Explorer 11 saves, or caches, downloaded Web page data to increase load times, any outdated content within the Web cache can prevent the browser from properly displaying Web pages that update frequently. To ensure that you have access to the latest version of a Web page, you must delete the contents within the Web cache, possible via the Internet Options configuration panel. Alternately, you can automate this process by setting Internet Explorer 11 to delete the Web cache whenever you exit the browser.


Delete Internet Explorer 11 Cache

On any Internet Explorer 11 window, use the "Ctrl-Shift-Del" shortcut to bring up the Delete Browsing History pop-up window. To delete the Web cache, uncheck all options except for "Temporary Internet Files and Website Files" and "Cookies and Website Data," then click "Delete." If you prefer setting Internet Explorer 11 to automatically delete the Web cache when exiting the browser each time, press "Alt-X," then select "Internet Options." Under the General tab, check the "Delete Browsing History on Exit" option, then click "Apply." Automating this process, however, also causes Internet Explorer 11 to delete data such as download history, form data, passwords, and favorite website data, in addition to the cached Web content.

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