How to Close a Window When Internet Explorer Stops Working

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If Internet Explorer stops working, you can close the program using the Task Manager.

Most people have experienced the frustration of having their web browser freeze or crash at some point. Internet Explorer problems can be caused by faulty programming on a particular website or by issues with your computer, such as low memory or interference with other programs. If Internet Explorer is frozen and you are unable to close the program through normal means, you can use an alternative method to force the browser to shut down.


Step 1

Press "CTRL," "Alt" and "Delete" to open the Windows Task Manager.

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Step 2

Click "Internet Explorer" in the Applications tab.

Step 3

Click "End Task." If you are prompted to confirm that you want to force Internet Explorer to close, choose the option to close the program.



You can also force Internet Explorer to close by clicking "Processes" in the Task Manager window and select the process named "iexplore.exe." Click "End Process" to immediately close the program.