How to Combine Bar Graphs in Excel

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A bar graph that is combined, unlike the one here, show multiple sets of data.

Bar graphs organize data into a physical representation of the information, making the data easier to understand. After you've created more than a couple graphs, however, the information becomes hard to compare. Combining multiple bar graphs into one graph will help you stack the information side by side and easily interpret the data in relation to each of the other pieces of information.


Step 1

Open the document with the data that you would like to combine into one bar graph. If you have created any graphs or charts at this point, delete them by right-clicking and selecting "Delete."

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Step 2

Highlight only the data for the first graph. For example, if you wanted to combine the "Expenses" and "Profit" graphs together, only highlight one of those pieces of information.


Step 3

Click "Insert" and choose "Bar" from the "Charts" group. Choose the specific type of bar graph that you would like. It should appear to the right of the information you highlighted.


Step 4

Highlight the second set of data, making sure to unhighlight the first set of data. Press "Ctrl+c" to copy the information. Click on the graph and press "Ctrl+v." This should insert the second set of information into the graph. Repeat for any other pieces of information.




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