How to Make a 2 Variable Graph in Excel

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Excel displays related quantitative information with scatter charts.

Make a two variable graph in Microsoft Excel with its built-in spreadsheet and chart tools. Two variable graphs demonstrate the relationship between two sets of numerical data. They are often displayed with a scatter plot which creates one data point from two sources of information. Create the scatter plot in Excel and then customize it with the Design, Layout and Format tabs of the Ribbon. You can insert additional components to your chart such as labels, titles and trendlines.


Step 1

Open your Excel spreadsheet with the quantitative variable information. If you don't have an existing spreadsheet, create a new one from the File tab of the Ribbon. Input your numerical variables into columns A and B.

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Step 2

Label your columns by typing titles into the first row of your columns A and B. If necessary, insert a new row by right-clicking the row header and selecting "Insert." Organize your data so that the data points in column A correspond with the data points in column B.


Step 3

Highlight your entire data set, click the "Insert" tab of the Ribbon, click the "Scatter" drop-down box and select the desired scatter plot style. Click and hold the bottom right-hand corner of your chart and drag it to change the chart size. Select the color scheme and style from the Design tab of the Ribbon.





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